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About Us


From initial contact to meeting with you and setting up the detailed key elements of your care, we use a person centred plan approach which places you at the centre of the care that you receive.  In doing this, we will take account of your physical, as well as emotional needs, recognising at all times the need to retain respect, dignity and choice.


The approach we use enables us to personalise and have the services we offer to the individuals that we work with whether in the home or in the local community.


We provide the following services for elderly customers:-



For Learning Disability Customers:-




Eve Personal Homecare has grown since its commencement in 1999.  Our reputation for providing quality care services has enabled the company to grow, look at developing new services and acquire new staff whilst retaining existing ones.


Whilst the company is growing it is never far away from our minds to ensure that we do not lose the ‘personal touch’, often difficult for large organisations to maintain.  Customers and staff alike are always able to communicate directly with the office for advice and support.